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TDF Tech: TYLER’S BMC Time Machine

Too cool to keep to myself – check out the pics of Tyler’s Time Machine from BMC. It’s enough to leave even the gnarliest Tour-vet shakin in his cleats… Very fast – very lean – very expensive…

The official press release just arrived:

BMC, the leading, high-end Swiss brand, has developed a new time-trial cycle for Tyler Hamilton to use during the Tour de France. Because seconds can often mean the difference between victory and defeat in the Tour de France, BMC has spared no expense in making the best materials available to Hamilton & Co.

Together with leading Swiss aerodynamics and ergonomics technicians and engineers, we have developed a radical riding machine, blazing new paths at the same time. The aim was not only to set new records in terms of aerodynamics. We also wanted to use revolutionary technologies in the construction of the frame. The core structure of the bike is a 100% carbon-fiber monocoque frame—and when we say carbon-fiber, we really mean it: Even the smallest details, such as our fork drop-outs and derailleur cage, are made of carbon-fiber.

The revolutionary new fork-stem design (patent pending) sets the standard in cycling technology. In addition to perfect aerodynamics, we also achieve maximum rigidity from the minimum possible weight. Our patented design makes it possible to custom-build all our bikes to suit the
measurements of individual riders.

The design of the seat post is impressive for its ingenuity. The seat post is no longer really a post but a component of the frame, and is cut to fit. Its special design also allows us to make individual adjustments to the length.

Additional innovative details include fork drop-outs that open toward the rear, enabling the rear wheel to be positioned as close as possible to the frame, which is good for the aerodynamics, as well as quick-release nuts that are integrated into the fork, another
aerodynamic feature.

With a total of just over 1,450 grams for the frame, fork and stem, we also offer
incredible value in terms of weight, while still achieving extremely good rigidity and aerodynamics. We make no comprises when it comes to producing frames. In order to guarantee the production of these highly complex frame designs we have chosen a partner that has gathered plenty of experience with a well-known Formula One team in Switzerland. We were only able to get this machine ready for the start of the Tour de France because of the very short distances between our engineering partner, Futec, and our frame producer, Birkenstock.

The “Made in Switzerland” label therefore guarantees not only the highest quality and precision. It also means a reduction in development time. But we can guarantee more than just speed of development and know-how with the “Made in Switzerland” label. With the help of our ergonomics partner, Ergomotion, every single bike was custom-built for each individual rider.

Note: All photos courtesy of BMC.

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