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TIME And Tide Wait For No Man

Before Nic Sims goes for a spin on the SCYLON AKTIV frameset by TIME, he doesn’t just take a close look at the bike, but dissects every element of its carbon manufacture. Once he is astride this carbon beauty then he discovers that it not only looks visually appealing, it handled like a dream. TIME to ride!

– By Nic Sims –

‘TIME and tide wait for no man’. This phrase is as true today as it’s ever been. TIME as a company has been around since 1987, known by most people for their pedals that saw notoriety in the late 80’s with riders like Pedro Delgado, Greg LeMond and Miguel Indurain. All used the pedals with great success to win the Tour de France. What a lot of people don’t know unless you follow the road race scene is, TIME also manufactures bikes and has done for a while. Their bikes have seen great victories ridden by the following teams Quick-Step, Cofidis, Bouygues Telecom to name a few. Riders Tom Boonen, Paolo Bettini, Michael Rogers all rode TIME bikes to Pro Tour race wins, World Championships and Olympic gold medals.

One thing sets TIME apart from other bike companies, their ability to manufacture their own carbon fiber, in their new factory close to Grenoble. By producing its own carbon, it allows TIME greater control on tube development and carbon characteristics. We’ve heard manufacturers talk about the different weaves used, this TIME video shows the difficulty and precision needed to get those weaves.

Custom carbon weave is created

Carbon weaving machine

Carbon spools

Finished carbon

Pez has been lucky enough to get their hands on one of the new SCYLON’s for one of the first tests in North America. The SCYLON is TIME’s aero road bike available in both standard and disc brake models, regular seat post or seat mast and models with or without their ATKIV fork. The AKTIV disc fork will be available in August.

TIME SCYLON regular white


The bike looks visually appealing, fast and to me that’s half the battle. With the SCYLON you show up to the mid week crit or weekend road race and turn a few heads, that’s a boost to your moral before you even roll to the line. The bike really shows the TIME “Savoir Faire”.

The SCYLON uses TIME’s RTM (resin transfer molding process) for the manufacturing. This allows them a 100% hands on control from the making of the carbon tubes to the final layup. It is critical that when you make a tube you get the direction of the fibers going a certain way, depending on what you need each tube to do. Does a tube need to be laterally or torsionally stiff, how much compliance or flex do you need? These are all questions that the TIME engineers pass along to their tube manufacturing facility. Once the carbon sheets are made, the process of laying up the tubes begin. RTM begins by first sliding the carbon tubes onto mandrels, then once the frame is laid up, it’s then put into large presses where the resin is then injected under pressure and at temperature. This “Liquid” molding technique “RTM” gives TIME guaranteed geometries, thicknesses and cohesion of all the layers and fibers.

SCYLON chainstay RTM

Carbon fiber layup final layer

TIME frame mold

Layup solid removable core

This SCYLON is TIME’s aero bike! It is by no means the most “aero” by today’s standards but like most aero bikes, once you get it going above 20mph, it does seem to hold its momentum and maintaining the speed seems easy. I should say, having an aero bike that uses standard easily available brakes, is really nice! This means if you’re traveling or something breaks, you can find the parts and fix it easily, no messing around trying to find a proprietary little widget.

The ride quality is really nice it is actually relatively smooth… First of all the bike isn’t too aero – this means you get more compliance from the tubes over some more aggressive aero bikes. Placing the seat stays lower on the seat tube helps with the vertical compliance and you’re seeing this more and more on bikes these days. This may not seem much, but it can make a big difference on the ride comfort you feel, instead of mounting the stays at the seat collar.

SCYLON seat tube

In addition on the bike we had the AKTIV fork, this fork contains a small vibration damper at the base, close to the dropout. This is a tuned mass damper, designed to stabilize against harmonic or road vibration before they travel up the fork and into your hands at the bar.


TIME SCYLON front end

I did try the bike with the regular fork and there was a noticeable difference at the bar, more of the road vibration could be felt in my hands with the regular fork. Although a slightly heavier fork, I would bet that it’s shaping is actually more aerodynamic than the standard version and helped with the lively front end feel.

TIME SCYLON forks – showing the two fork styles AKTIV and Regular

TIME SCYLON lively front end wheelie

OK wheelie pic aside, I would rather ride the bike with the AKTIV fork over the regular version, if everyone rode on race track smooth roads it might be a different story.

The bikes stiffness felt good and it always reacted to any power put into the pedals, whether it was standing out of the saddle to climb or in a sprint out of a corner, the bike jumped forward. The SCYLON’s torsional stiffness, which is the stiffness that relates to steering and how the wheels track, was also impressive. For a bike I had never ridden before the handling was confidence inspiring. I felt I could tip the bike into corners and it would go where I pointed it leaving no vagueness about the front end. On a bike designed to go fast and maybe used in Crits these are some critical characteristics you want in a bike. I am sure, other than the geometry a lot of the specific feel of this bike is down to TIME’s ability to custom make their own carbon, for specific size and style of bike.

Overall I really liked the bike, the way it handled and rode, why would you buy one over other brands?
It is different so you’ll get asked about it, you’ll stand out from the “crowd”.
It uses standard equipment so replacement parts are easy to get!
It’s fast!
It handles well.
Why be a follower when you can be a leader?

TIME will offer the SCYLON as a frameset in several versions, regular brake and seat post like the bike I rode, regular seat post, disc model and then a seat mast version with or without disc. They will have parts build kits, basically a groupset, no wheels, no bar or stem. I like that, as everyone these days has their favorite set up for bars and wheels. Our bike came with TIME’s bar and stem, which although I was not a fan of the aesthetics of the stem, (I would have preferred a sleeker looking one), it was stiff. The bar I liked, it was a nice shape and I felt comfortable in all the positions: tops, drops and on the hoods. The two combined felt like a nice stiff combination.

For a brand that has been lying dormant, it’s TIME people wake up the sleeping beast, I could go on with TIME jokes, but we’ll leave it alone now.

Cool links, take some TIME to get acquainted.
Look into TIME – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99INfVPmCrE
Resin Transfer Moldingprocess – https://www.timesport.com/technologies/resin-transfer-molding
TIME production teaser – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KO1LdcwuMk
AKTIV fork – https://www.timesport.com/technologies/aktiv

TIME SCYLON framesets (frame, fork, headset/spacers, seastpots and 2 bottle cages). Available in 6 sizes xxs,xs,sm,md,lg,xlg
SCYLON regular fork frameset $5150 – $6050 depending on seat post or seat mast and color collection models
SCYLON AKTIV fork frameset $5950 – $6850 depending on seat post or seat mast and color collection models
SCYLON disc frameset $6550 -6850
Weight – 15.8lbs/7.16kg

TIME gallery:

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