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TURBOANT X7 PRO E-Scooter Review

An e-scooter? what the...!

I Know – I know what you’re thinking…  “PEZ – what the..?”  Nothing else makes sense this year, so why not try a different kind of two wheeled fun?  Here’s my review of something you didn’t expect, is actually quite useful, and 100% entertaining – the Turboant X7 Pro electric scooter.


Here’s the back story – I’ve been watching my kids zip around on their Razor electric scooters for years, and even outwardly wished for an adult sized version so I could join the fun.  But alas, my online snooping, and calls to local bike shops revealed that adult size scooters are way harder to find than I thought.

While e-scooters have gained traction as legit modes of transportation, and taken a big and sometimes disdained foothold in many cities around the globe – they’ve only recently started cropping up here in Vancouver.

Then into my inbox drops and email from a company called Turboant – whom I’d never before heard of, with an offer/ request for a review of their newest model – the X7 Pro.  My prayers had been answered and I was all over this like the proverbial fat kid on a Smartie – albeit with some scepticism learned from years of similar requests from new / unknown / startup brands that have often amounted to nada.

But soon, as promised, the Turboant box arrived at my door as promised and we were on our way.

Here’s what I can tell you so far:

Straight outta the box assembly is easy.  The foldable steerer tube locks into place with a solid quick release, and the handgrips (which ship detached in a separate box) simply thread into the stem.  The only part that requires an allen key is attaching the hand operated brake lever to the bars.  All the cables are in place and pre-adjusted.

I plugged in the battery charger and in a few hours it was fully juiced.


Build quality has proven quite good in that no issues have come up in the first 4 weeks of testing.  It’s a solid and sturdy design, and the quick release lock around the folding steer tube holds tight and hasn’t shown any signs of wiggle.

The electronics also have all worked well for me and as promised.


The X7 Pro features a digital control panel to access 3 power modes (slow, medium and fast), as well as local temperature readouts and speed.  Speed is controlled by a thumb twist throttle, that switches into cruise control mode when held in place for 6 seconds.  This is handy for longer rides…  (scoots?) because even though there’s just a light return spring action on the thumb throttle, I did find it a tad tiresome to keep holding in the ON position for longer periods of time.


Maximum speed is claimed at 20mph, and I’ve clocked 28kph on mine, on flat ground.

The motor is a 350W electric motor housed inside the front wheel powered by a 10Ah rechargeable lithium battery, that’s said to deliver 30km of running distance, or 6 hours of run time.  I haven’t reached either of these limits, although I did get a solid 10km run in one day and still had juice left.

More on the power – I found that the motor would carry me up slopes of up to about 10% before slowing to a crawl.  I maxed it on a 15% slope and it basically came to a stop. I imagine rider weight plays a factor here.  But given this is aimed really at urban commuters, I doubt this would be a problem for most riders.


Wheels are 10-Inch pneumatic Tires, which also provide some decent suspension for cruising around the city – and I even took mine over some light trails with no issues.  I found a slight amount of air leak that’s noticeable over a few days, and I used the air hose at my local gas station because the nozzle from my Arundel Pump 1 wouldn’t fit given the placement of the Turboant valve stems.


Braking is handled by a cable operated disc mounted on the rear wheel, plus the expected rear fender brake we’ve come to expect on scooters.  Obviously a hydraulic disc would have a lot more stopping power, but my tester performed well enough in all but extreme stopping situations.  Braking gets even better when you do the double and stand on the rear fender brake at the same time.  (It took me a bit to master this maneuver.)


Power-wise, the Turboant is pretty good.  My preferred mode is the Sport mode – the other two modes are a bit too slow for my liking, and I was actually surprised by how much torque the Sport mode has as it accelerates and quickly gets up to speed.  My daughters would often both cram onto it and get around with no complaints.

I checked my top speed using a Wahoo Element that I mounted for a test, and found 28kph as the upper limit for me along level ground.  My only other test riders were my daughters – who weigh in at 60lbs and 100lbs, so I can’t comment on performance for riders weighting more than my own 140lb weight.

Riding this scooter is fun.  You just stand there and zip along. Handling is good – stable and predictable when used is intended.


We decided we could use a second Turboant so we could go off scooting together.  It took only a couple of days and my older daughter nabbed it as her official escape vehicle to visit friends around the neighborhood.  Even my youngest – who stands around 4’8″ was the first to master it and had no trouble controlling or riding this larger sized scooter.

Zipping around the neighbourhood – trips to the local corner store, or even to get around downtown during the day makes perfect sense.  I could see this coming with us on the next family road trip too – and even as a backup transport in case the car breaks down.

It folds down and will fit into the boot of my Audi Q5, and will fit into office closets and elevators.  Weighing in at around 35lbs, it’s not the easiest thing to carry, but the fold-down steer tube locks into place enough to make for a decent carrying handle. 

The real fun here is – of course – riding this scooter.  I’m seriously happy I finally got to try one, and although it’s my first experience with an adult sized e-scooter – I’m confident to recommend this as worth a closer look if you’re in the market.

Find more info at the website: Turboant.com

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  • TURBOANT PRO E-Scooter – $499.98 On Sale

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