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Wahoo Releases New TICKR HRM for your Ticker

The New Wahoo TICKR: The Wahoo TICKR heart rate monitor has been setting the standard for quite a while and today released their latest HRM with more features and a restyle. Chuck Peña took one for a tick.

The new Wahoo TICKR unwrapped

Wahoo has updated its TICKR heart rate monitor. What’s new:

  • Connect up to three Bluetooth devices, simultaneously with ANT+
  • 10% slimmer pod
  • Redesigned strap with integrated pod design for ultimate comfort
  • LEDs moved to top of body for confident syncing
  • Battery life increased to 500 hours (up from 350 hours)

It comes with a battery already installed, so setting it up is pretty easy peasy. Adjust the strap to fit. The strap material seems a little softer than other HRMs I’ve used (Polar, Garmin, Cyclops now Powertap) and is comfortable — even when snug so it stays in place on my ectomorph chest. With my Wahoo ELEMNT Roam turned on and connected to my phone, I used the phone app to pair the TICKR with my Roam. By default it paired as ANT+. You know you’re connected when the red LED on the top of the pod blinks indicating heart rate and the blue LED blinks indicating it’s paired to a device. Voila! You’re good to go!



For road riding, the TICKR really isn’t any different from any other HRM. But what makes the TICKR different from other HRMs I have is the Bluetooth connection. And where that makes a difference is when I’m riding indoors on Zwift, Xert, or some other indoor training platform that can only connect via Bluetooth. Previously, my indoor workouts were sans heart rate data. And it really wan’t worth it to me to go the expense and trouble of building an ANT+ to Bluetooth bridge given the amount of indoor riding I do. But now it’s nice to have that data. Thank you Wahoo!



Thanks to TICKR, I now have ticker data when I Zwift

The new TICKR heart rate monitor is available for sale beginning May 7 (today) for $49.99.


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