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Weather Warrior: Pez Test a Tiny Treat

Just about this time of year, I always have the same problem… I frequently find it too cold in the morning for a jersey alone and I hate hauling a Vest around that will be useless for most of the ride.

Not a small problem, as I have heard lots of folks bitch about the same thing, as their rides start out at one temp but warm up quickly. It’s also true for people climbing then descending and that used to be solved by tucking in newspaper, or a trash bag. And last but not least, There are times when your whole ride requires just a bit extra wind blocking.

Enter Weather Warrior.

By far the cheapest usable tool (25 Bucks Retail) in the history of Pez reviews, this little deal is extremely easy to use… You stuff it down the front, inside a Jersey and fasten the Velcro around your neck.

Weather Warrior says tuck it in, but that’s not practical for lots of folks wearing bibs. For me, it works perfectly just sandwiched between my Jersey and body, with no tucking required…

Gets warm enough, or you start the next long climb? Just snatch it out and stuff it in your pocket… It takes half the room of a normal light weight vest. It’s also very easy to put back on. And I would expect this kind of ease of use to come from a manufacturer that puts in loads of miles in conditions where this thing comes in really handy…

The unit it’s self is made from breathable, wicking material similar to newer jerseys (it’s actually two layers sewn at the edges). That beats the crap out of newspaper and it’s also a bit more comfortable and breathable than vests. No buildup of wetness that comes with wind proof zip up things (vests or jackets) so you don’t get the big wet chill when you take it off.

Another nice plus comes with the fact that it’s a bit more Aero than vests in medium weather, where you may find it too warm to zip up all the way, but too cold to go unprotected.

Good thought in the design, as the harsh Velcro points away from your neck. There is also a long enough strip that it will accommodate a wide range of neck sizes.

The neck isn’t Turtle, but it also covers just a slight bit higher than most kit as well. I like that, as it’s one area that I always wish were better covered when I get that first Morning blast of cold Fall air.

These come in Midget, Normal, Stork, Giraffe and em,… Fat Giraffe. And like I said, they’re a whopping $25 bucks. Personally it’s given me probably the biggest bang for the buck of any gear I own (and I own loads…).

You can buy these direct from Weather Warrior, and can also find them in a few shops. Weather Warrior is courting distribution too , so give em a call.

You can find them here: Weather Warrior

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