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The PEZ ZWIFT Hub Trainer Setup Guide

Just how easy is it?

VIDEO: Watch me tackle the entire Zwift HUB trainer setup process as I unbox, assemble, connect, and start using the Zwift HUB trainer- all as a first-time Zwifter. Is it as easy as they say?

ZWIFT created their HUB trainer to make it easier for people to start using their very popular cycling training platform by eliminating some of the hassle, confusion and expense of buying and connecting a smart trainer in your home.

So let’s go – click the PLAY link in the video below to see how this works…

They promised an easy to buy, affordable (including disrupting the smart trainer category by pricing this one at US$499), set up, and use process to attract more people to ZWIFT. As a first time ZWIFTer myself (…I know… hard to believe) – I’m the perfect person to assemble, connect, and actually use the ZWIFT Hub trainer – and see how easily and quickly I could get up and training at home.

Here’s how it went…

Overall – This came together much easier than I expected.   The assembly of the trainer could almost not be easier – I bolted on two legs (with included wrench), swapped out a spacer to fit my correct axle size, plugged in the power cords, downloaded the ZWIFT software to my desktop (where my main watching screen would be), opened the app on my desktop and voila – the HUB trainer’s bluetooth connection instantly found my Mac, and setup initiated automatically.  I clicked a few screens (as prompted) to choose how my avatar would look and in a couple of minutes there I was on screen, ready to start Zwifting.

My total time investment was about an hour (or less) from unboxing to riding.

Video Chapters


1:00Unboxing & What’s Inside

2:26Follow the instructions – video support guide & tutorials


3:12HUB Assembly

4:06Mounting the bike to the Hub

4:30Using the Spacer card to determine dropout spacing

5:24Quickstart Guide booklet

6:04Swapping quick release to Thru-axle

7:20Spacer install and bike mounting

I had one slight delay where I had to change the drive-side spacer to accept a Thru-axle (see this in the video at 6:04).  But overall, Zwift delivered on their promise.

8:39Power connections

9:45Zwift App activation and User Setup

11:15Start Zwifting


What I Learned
As of this writing, I’ve done about 6 rides on Zwift – from basic exploring, to group rides, and even a race (which was apparently stacked with sandbaggers – so I’ll know better which group to choose next time…).  I’m struck by the vastness of rides, and choices to join so many different kinds of rides anytime I feel like it.

And as this signalled the start of my season – motivated by an invite to do a big ride at Sea Otter immediately followed by the Gorge Gravel Grinder – and having been off my bike completely through November & December – I needed to get pedalling.  The weather here was crap all through January and February – but I did see rapid gains in my fitness just from a few 45 minutes sessions on Zwift. My naturally high cadence came back quickly, and I could tell when I started getting out on the road that my legs were in much better shape than I expected after 10 weeks of no pedalling.

So there – some feedback and personal experience around my introduction to the Zwift HUB trainer and platform.

If you have an experience of your own you’d like to share experiences – send an email to us at [email protected]


• See more the Zwift website: https://zwift.com

• See the PEZ Youtube Channel here

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