What's Cool In Road Cycling

Hard Intervals: What’s Best For You?

Like it or not, riding the indoor trainer can allow you to really control your workout and dial in intervals exactly as you want them without the worries of finding ideal terrain or dealing with traffic. So, which intervals should you do and for what purpose?

Three Ways to Maximize Strength Training Gains

TOOLBOX: Three things that will make your strength training workouts more effective this season - the how, the thought, and the process of each exercise. As more and more cyclists pour into gyms and garages across the northern hemisphere with the hope of using strength training to make them fitter, faster, and better cyclists next summer, for many it will remain just that: A hope. 

On-Versus Off-Bike Power Training

Power training is ultimately going to be beneficial for your cycling, whether it’s done on the bike or in the weight room. However, are there differences in your acute physiological response and your ability to recover from these workouts?

Cadence Training – Should You Take It For a Spin?

TOOLBOX: Some of us consider ourselves as “spinners” who generally prefer a higher cadence. Others may consider themselves “grinders”, who generally prefer a slower cadence. Here's a closer look at how cycling cadence affects your speed and power on the bike.

FASTED Riding: How Eating Less Might Make You Faster

Having spent my time as an undergraduate studying biochemistry and human metabolism, the idea of "fasted training" remains one of my favorite training tactics nearly 5 years later. This article explains how & why fasted training works, and how you can incorporate this into your own cycling training plan.

Breath Training for Cycling Power

TOOLBOX: Breathing - If you ain’t dead, you must be doing it correctly, right? As it turns out, no. Here’s how to begin to add breathing into your strength training work, to help you learn how to perform better on the bike, with less stress on your body.

Power Training – On or Off the Bike?

While aerobic capacity is a critical foundation in an endurance sport like cycling, the ability to generate bursts of power is often the secret sauce that determines victory or success. Is there a difference between training for power on versus off the bike?