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CTS Launches Le Tour Audio Workouts

At Last! We can ALL ride the Tour, and from the comfort of our own trainers at home – thanks to the guys at CTS (Carmichael Training Systems) who’ve launched their “Do The Tour… Stay At Home” Audio workouts, available as free downloads. Lance’s coach Chris Carmichael knows a couple things about riding and winning Le Tour, so we asked him for the full scoop…

CTS has designed specific workouts based on key elements of each stage of this year’s Tour de France. But what’s really cool is they’re offering workouts designed around 7 key Tour stages as free audio downloads for your mp3 player (also available as text). Each workout is designed to simulate the efforts actual Tour riders will experience to ride critical parts of each stage, including:
• Prologue: short, intense timed effort
• Stage 3 Flat course: speed work with short power-bursts and the big sprint finish
• Stage 7 ITT: intense pace work over the 80 minute duration
• Stage 11 Climbing: ride yourself over the Tourmalet with something left for 4 more big climbs
• Stage 15 Climbing: you’re climbing the famed and feared Alpe-d’Huez today
• Stage 17 Short Climbs: up and down all day long
• Stage 19 ITT: another intensely paced effort

• Stage 20 To Paris: call your buddies on the phone and sip champagne!
– okay- we’re making this one up, but whose to say you can’t do it yourself?

Each download is available free at Trainright.com up until the end of that day’s Tour de France stage, and of course can be used added to your library of training tapes for use whenever you want. Considering how much time many of us spend on the trainers, it’s a welcome addition to have some new workout materials.

When I read the press release (it’s at the bottom of this page), I liked this cool spin on a proven idea, so proceeded to contact Mr. Carmichael himself for some tough one-one grilling – and a couple of “Lance” questions…

PEZ: How’d you get the idea to simulate Tour stages in an audio workout in the first place?

Chris: We’ve been doing indoor-trainer classes in our Colorado Springs office for the past few years and I tell a lot of Tour de France stories during the classes I lead. You should see how people respond! They get fired up and imagine themselves in the race, and they pour everything into the workout. I wanted to provide that experience to people beyond our Colorado Springs facility. Plus, even after July, people watch Tour de France videos all year when they ride in their basements or garages. With these audio workouts, you can still watch your favorite Tour de France DVD and listen to a fresh workout.

PEZ: How did you assess the stages to simulate the workouts – did you go over and ride ‘em?

Chris: I’m very familiar with the major climbs of the Tour de France, the demands of the race, and what it takes to optimally prepare athletes for those demands. During my racing career and in the past 15 years as a coach, I’ve ridden those roads as part of the peloton and coaching Lance over the last 7 years. I’ve taken those experiences and designed indoor trainer workouts that will improve anyone’s cycling fitness and put particular stages of the Tour de France in perspective for fans.

PEZ: Why are you doing this?

Chris: I really enjoy combining new technology and proven coaching methods to deliver innovative products and services. I believe audio workouts are going to be a big breakthrough for cycling training because they make fresh content readily available to athletes everywhere. Since they’re easier to produce and deliver to consumers, people will be able to simply download and train with new audio workouts every week. We have a successful ten-disc DVD training series already, and with audio workouts we can make that training library richer and provide more options for cyclists, triathletes, runners, and even athletes in other sports.

PEZ: Any podium predictions for this year’s Tour?

Chris: Before making any predictions, I think this will be one of the most exciting Tours in recent memory. Basso showed amazing power in the Giro, Ullrich is looking stronger and more eager than ever before, Floyd has had an amazing year, Leipheimer just won the Dauphine Libere, and Hincapie is lean and riding very strong. All the big hitters are coming to form as expected, and the biggest question is which team will take command of the race. The yellow jersey battle will almost certainly be between Basso and Ullrich, and of those two I’d choose Ullrich this year – but the winning margin may be small.

PEZ: Will you be at le Tour this year? – in what capacity?

Chris: I am not doing any work with OLN this year but I will spend some time with the Discovery Team along with the team’s sponsors as well. I am also looking forward interacting with some of our CTS coaches that work with other riders that are competing in the Tour (like Dave Zabriskie). I will be providing a daily free e-newsletter on the Tour. Giving readers my insights and perspective on what’s going on and some of the behind the senses sort of things… I will also be riding my bike a lot while over there and I’m looking forward to riding in the Alps.

PEZ: And I gotta ask a couple Lance questions…!

• How’s he feeling coming up to this Tour… Wishing he was there at all… glad it’s behind him…?

Chris: Lance rarely looks back, he is always looking forward… so he doesn’t miss racing as he is on to the next thing in his life. I do know he misses the time with his teammates and staff of the Discovery Team and being focused on achieving a defined goal. I believe he is content with being retired in order to spending time with his kids, fighting cancer and having a whole lot of fun…

• Now that Lance has stopped racing – is he still training under your guidance?

Chris: Lance is staying fit by running, swimming, mountain biking, kite surfing and resistance training (you name it…he does it) but he isn’t focused on following a highly structured training program. I think that is the last thing in the world he would want to do right now is to be on a structured training program, he did that for many years because he had no choice, as that is what he needed to do to perform at his best. Now he is like the rest of us… staying active, working out as much as he can. A few months ago I introduced him to a friend of mine who is a sort of celebrity trainer (lives in Hollywood and trains many of the movie stars) and he loves the resistance training that my friend puts him through. It is all the things he couldn’t really do when he was training for the Tour because so much of his time needed to be on the bike doing very specific workouts. He is aiming toward the NYC Marathon as it is a challenge and helps keeps him motivated for staying fit. One thing no one should ever expect to see from Lance is him getting fat, even as he heads into middle age. He just can’t slow down… he still lives life with the throttle all the way open.

Click the banner for more info and to download the first workout.

Experience the 2006 Tour de France by riding it… from home!
Carmichael Training Systems Launches New Interactive Training Line With
Do the Tour…Stay at Home.™ Audio Workouts, Presented by AMD

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – This July instead of sitting on the couch watching the Tour de France on OLN, set your bike up on an indoor trainer and “ride” the Grand Tour itself. No plane ticket or world-class fitness level required. All you need are Carmichael Training Systems’ (CTS) Do the Tour…Stay at Home.™ audio workouts, presented by AMD, which can be downloaded onto a digital music player directly from the CTS web site at www.trainright.com. Short of riding the race’s stages yourself, it’s an unmatched cycling experience.

Access the Ultimate Tour Coach – In each download, CTS founder Chris Carmichael, coach to seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, talks you through workouts that highlight the physical challenges required to complete seven critical stages of the race including the Stage 7 time trial, where the real contenders emerge, and the thigh-busting climb up the legendary l’Alpe-d’Huez on Stage 15. With each workout, he has you duplicating the race’s breakaways, attacks, and sprints for an authentic feel of what it takes to win the world’s toughest event. In addition, Carmichael shares insights to the day’s route with help from his former pro-cycling teammate and current OLN cycling commentator Bob Roll, famous for his humor and wit.

A Whole New Way to Exercise – Do the workouts at home or take them to the gym—once loaded onto a digital music player, they can go anywhere. This ease of use reflects CTS’ commitment to combining world-class training techniques with cutting-edge technology to produce improved performance. In the months ahead, look for CTS to roll out downloadable audio and video workouts for cyclists, runners, and more. Led by Chris Carmichael and the coaches of CTS, these workouts deliver a fun and effective way to become fitter, stronger, and faster.

Join for FREE – To access the Do the Tour…Stay at Home.™ audio workouts, presented by AMD, go to www.trainright.com and sign-up. Starting June 7th, the first workout, the Prologue time trial, will become available to download for FREE. As the racers cross the finish line for each downloadable stage, they switch from free to $9.99 per download and will be always available for purchase at www.trainright.com. Best of all, these downloads are yours to keep so you can relive your own Tour experience as often as you want. Use them for an inspiring training session in January or as an emotional boost heading into prime riding season next spring.

A History of Training Expertise – This is the third year CTS has produced its popular Do the Tour…Stay at Home.™ workouts as an online version with short, easy-to-understand, text-based workouts for all 21-stages of the race. On June 7th, the first of these workouts will become accessible to those who’ve sign-up for the series, at www.trainright.com. During the race and afterwards, these workouts will be readily available to everyone.

For More Info
Click on www.Trainright.com for more on Carmichael Training Systems’ audio downloads for the Do the Tour…Stay at Home.™ program, presented by AMD. To set up an interview with Chris Carmichael contact Kevin Dessart, Sales & Marketing Director; 719-635-0645 x124, [email protected]

Founded by Olympian, US Olympic Committee Coach of the Year, and bestselling author, Chris Carmichael in 1999, Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) is a community of athletes and coaches dedicated to improving the lives of active individuals though enhanced fitness and nutrition coaching programs. Providing guidance, education, and programs for individuals of all abilities, CTS has also paved the way for some of the world’s greatest athletes including seven-time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong. CTS is also the official coaching authority of the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team.

In AMD’s third season as Official Technology Partner of the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team, the company is working harder than ever to give the team the technology and counsel it needs to extend the competitive advantage it holds in the pro cycling peloton. AMD technology-powered servers, workstations and laptops aid Team Discovery directly in three key areas: design and development; testing and training; and communications.

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