What's Cool In Road Cycling

Over-Training: Dog Days of Summer

Hey, we may be a bit slow, but we do try our best to get to all our mail in the Toolbox! First up is a letter about whether intensity has any place for a recreational cyclist. Then there’s a letter from The Pez himself writing us about not having that “fresh” feeling. What the…?

Crit Racing: Watts up?

Beep, beep…beep, beep: We interupt the regularly scheduled Tour de France coverage for an in depth close to home analysis of US criterium racing. What?! We can't all enter Le Tour, so let's embrace criterium racing and train specifically for them. Woohoo!

Drink Composition: The “Sweet” Science

Drink a toast to Canada Day! So we’ve convinced you to drink like that cartoon character lost in the desert for days who suddenly stumbles across an oasis, but just what should you be chugging? In our second instalment on hydration, we take a look at what should be your bottle rocket in the heat of summer…

A Week With The Speedies (Skaters, That Is!)

I’d like to do something a bit different with this week's Toolbox... I was fortunate enough to spend a week with the US National Speed Skating long team, as they road tripped out to Northern California for a cycling training camp.

Zoned Out!

A few eagle-eyed Pez readers noticed in our interview with ibanesto.com consultant Dr. Alejandro Lucia that he advocates reducing heart rate zones from the typical five down to three. We asked Dr. Lucia to elaborate on his training intensity zones…

Hydrate or Die!

You’re probably used to carrying a water bottle around with you everywhere you go and drinking so much that you run to the bathroom more often than my almost three-year old son. So just how much do you need to drink and what should you be chugging? Grab your bottle and fill up on this two-part series on the latest science behind hydration…

Travel and Racing: Plan Ahead to Finish Ahead

This summer many of you will hop in a car or plane and travel to a big race. Maybe its Master Nationals, an NRC race, or just a kick ass event that is cool enough to warrant the trip. Big trips are big commitments and often times you've planned your entire season to "peak" for this particular race. You've built, you've tapered, but have you planned out the actual trip?

Become A Competitor: Part II

We received so much positive response to the article “Racing to Win: Becoming a Competitor”, that we're keeping the drive alive in Part II by looking at more benefits from addressing the mental aspects of the sport. Elite pros Mike Sayers, Chris Horner, and Trent Klasna...

Talking Cycling Science – Dr. Alejandro Lucia

Just what goes on in a sport science lab and what drives the scientific pursuit of those guys with the white lab coats? We talked to exercise physiologist Dr. Alejandro Lucia of the University of Madrid - one of the foremost researchers into the physiology behind professional cycling, about his work with ibanesto.com, pro cyclists, and more…