What's Cool In Road Cycling

Sugar Rushes, Insulin Spikes And Lopping Around The House

This week's Toolbox opens on a topic you may have learned about in grade school science, but until you became a fitness-seeking cyclist, never really paid much attention to... Mike Carter examines how specific foods work to mobilize, or inhibit the benefits of eating other foods - get it? Better read-on...

Indoor Test Lab At Home

The off-season is great for cross-training and all, but your first passion is the bike, and indoor cycling can easily drive even the most hardcore of us to desperation. Beat the wind-trainer bules by creating your own test lab - at home! Here's how...

Appreciation Rediscovered

Having a unique experience like a truly "white" Christmas can serve as training inspiration in the most unexpected ways, as California resident Bruce Hendler discovered...

Smart Training for the New Season

Christmas is fast approaching, and most of us are probably hoping (or actively hinting to Santa, family and friends) that the latest techno gadget will be waiting for us underneath the tree on Christmas Day. But is that gold-plated Giant going to propel you to the top of the podium?

Smooth Moves – Pedalmeister!

Believe it or not, pedaling a bicycle is a learned “habit”. Most people think you get on a bike and the pedaling motion basically takes care of itself. Well, yes and no...

Cross-training: 50 Ways to Leave your Lover

It's November, and chances are you're watching the snow, rain, or both put the freeze on your motivaton to get out there and ride. Stephen Cheung, our resident physiology expert, offers some warm advice on keeping your fitness high, reworking the attitude, and even adding some enjoyment to the winter training program.