What's Cool In Road Cycling

Training and the Common Cold or Flu

As cyclists, we train to feel fit and healthy, yet we can still get knocked down by the common cold or flu. What should we do when we do catch a bug to give ourselves the best chances for a rapid recovery and minimal disruption to our training?

Are You Addicted to Cycling? What You Need To Know

Toolbox: We know that exercise and an active lifestyle provides huge benefits to our overall health. But even something as positive as exercise can become addictive and take over our lives for the worse. What are the risk and risk factors for exercise addiction in recreational cyclists?

Motivational Self-Talk: Say You, Say Me?

Self-talk has been used very successfully by both scientists and athletes to improve their performance. However, does it matter HOW you talk to yourself? Is it better to keep your talk in the first person tense or distance yourself to the second person tense?