What's Cool In Road Cycling

Heart Rate Monitors: Making the Best Choice

Going with the flow may not be the best answer - at least when it comes to choosing a heart rate monitor. With so many options available, a little research can help you make the best choice. Here are some guidelines to get you started...

Resistance Training: Power to the Pedals

Do you want to improve your cycling strength and power this off season? How about developing those bulging quadriceps and calves that the opposite sex loves ‘oh so much? Well read on and plan on pumping some iron in the gym.

Supplements: Caffeine and Cycling

Nothing fits with cycling so much as the post-ride java stop, and that’s probably half the reason many of us get out on group rides to begin with. Caffeine is probably the most common ergogenic aid in use in cycling and the world in general, so it’s time to take a look at the science behind it…

Vuelta vs. Tour: Which One is Tougher?

You’re chilling out around the post-ride coffee chat when the conversation spins around to La Vuelta. It’s way shorter than Le Tour and Il Giro, so it can’t be nearly as tough, right? Well, trust us science geeks to come to the rescue with the answer! Unfortunately, the answer also brings up some potentially disturbing questions about the ongoing fight against drugs in cycling…

Learning from the Stock Market

“What can the stock market teach us about training and competition?” One answer, of course, is to make a fortune on Wall Street, quit your job, retire, and train all the time. Unfortunately, although that may be one correct answer, it’s not exactly the answer I’m looking for.

Power to the Pedal: Frischkorn’s SRM Data

What does it take to win a 5 day National Road Calendar Professional Stage Race? 8,815 kiloJoules, a training stress score of 762 over the course of the 3 main road stages, and some serious power-to-weight output. Check out Will Frischkorn’s SRM for the scoop…

PRO TACTICS: Ring the Fire Bell to Breakaway

We’ve just upped your daily dose news you can use – here’s another in our series of race tactics you can use at home. Forget throwing yourself willy-nilly off the front in hopes of sticking a break – the team with a brain is the team with a gain…

Pro Shop: Grand Tour Recovery

Every bit as important as the workouts we choose and races we compete in, are the methods we use to recover from these hard efforts. It’s a very simple concept - recovery is essential to allow the body to gain rest while being able to utilize our fitness for the next effort. We asked George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, Andrea Peron how they recover after a big Tour.

Beat the Heat: Pre-Cooling in Athens

The weather in France was cool and drizzly in July, but now the Olympians are broiling in Athens. Time to spill the beans on what my colleagues and I have been "cooking up" for Canadian Olympians to beat the heat and keep their cool...