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Tour de Pez: Roadside Stage 6

PEZ-man Ed Hood has been travelling ‘en convoy’ with the Cycling.TV crew, and drove ahead of today’s stage from Lisieux to Vitre. You can learn a lot about a country and it’s people by following a bike race – here’s what we saw roadside…

• The town center in Beauvais – start of stage 5 – yup, just another large building completely decorated for the bike race… (try and imagine this kind of support back home…)

• Of all the places to send the next 5 hours in the caravan…

• Stage 6: the fun starts here.

• Nothing like a birthday celebration roadside at le Tour. Can you guess which one is Collette?

• D’day from the Aussie fans – a couple hours before Robbie Mac scored his win, these fans talked with Cycling.Tv.

• When supporting your local bike race, it’s popular in this region to turn out in your Sunday best, avec reading material and a device to assist in sitting.

• We know, Rebecca, we know… the Devil made you do it….

• Don’t laugh – you’d probably put on a goofy wig too if le Tour came by your front door.

• Bouygues Telecom’s Anthony Geslin gets some local love.

• I wonder if the Palmans team ds knows his support van is on a junket to France? At least these guys picked a nice post next to the dumpster to park – it’ll come in handy for tossing out the empties…

• Check this out, eh! These Canuck fans were no doubt away looking for a Coleman stove, some “Canadian” bacon, and some maple syrup.

• It’s a lonely vigil for Jan’s fans, who are no doubt as disheartened as the rest of us. At least they’ve got Geroslteiner to root for… to bad their beer tastes like water though.

• One thing is certain – these people LOVE their bike racing.

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