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Tour De PEZ: Picking Up The Pieces

Indeed, this is our final Tour de PEZ of 2007. Ed Hood's voyage across the latter part of the 2007 Tour de France came to a close on Monday, but his final impressions of another conflicted Tour are poignant, heart-felt, and something that needed to be said, read on...

Tour de PEZ: Roadside Wrap-Up 1

If your post-Tour hangover hasn’t kicked in yet – it will any day now. So to ease the pain of grand tour withdrawal, PEZ-man Bob Cullinan looks back on his remarkable ride across England, Belgium and France.

TDF ’07 Wrap: Moments Defined

No one expected a Tour like this. And even in my usual post-Tour funk, the exhaustion of trying to keep pace with the daily barrage of great racing highs, and dope-induced lows, I’m more exhausted than ever. From all that’s happened since London, three things stand out most for me…

Tour de PEZ: We Ride The Champs!

Champs Elysees that is… - It’s 6:00 AM Sunday on the Champs Elysees, Paris the last stage of the Tour de France is just hours away and PEZ joined the bright young things coming home from parties, the technical crews and the cops, to sneak in a quick lap of the most famous finishing circuit in cycling.

Carmichael Sez: The 2200-Mile Training Ride

Race Analysis Final - A cyclist’s body responds to stress by adapting and growing stronger, and riding the Tour de France is just about the most stress any rider can apply to his body in a three-week period. It’s such an immense stimulus that not only affects a rider’s fitness for the rest of the season, but it also plays a role in his performance next year as well.

Tour De PEZ: Roadside Chrono-Men!

PEZ Roadside St. 19 - It took three hours to get to the start from Sarlat, along winding rural roads, dodging the 'crazies,' but when we got there, we settled down for a high-quality picnic amid the vineyards, crowds, open road, and the riders as they howl ever closer to Paris.

Carmichael Sez: The Closest Tour Podium Ever

Race Analysis St. 19 - After the most exciting time trial in recent memory, I can't actually say which rider had the most impressive performance, so I'll take a look at the rides from the incredible three, as they all stepped up for one final day of outstanding racing in what has been one of the best Tours in years.

TDF’07 St.19: Three With Yellow In Their Sights

We have lost a yellow jersey wearer and a pre-race favorite, now we are down to three riders who can win this Tour de France. The battle is on, Alberto Contador has 1 minute 50 seconds in hand from Cadel Evans and Levi Leipheimer is in third place another minute behind Evans. So in football parlance “it’s all to play for” read on…