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Tour de PEZ: Martin Takes A Look Back!

Ed Hood's right hand man at this year's Tour de France, Martin Williamson, got quite the eyeful throughout his journey through the second half of the Tour, and lets us in on a few of his thoughts and observations, as we enjoy our final Tour de France wrap.

Tour de PEZ: Gord Wraps It

PEZ Roadside Final #2: Two weeks inside the Pez/Tour bubble, and every second an adventure. The whole time was kinda like a mountain descent. You never know exactly what’s around the corner, you’re never sure if you’ll run out of road, you never forget that you’re high-wiring on the ‘going smoothly/going horribly’ tightrope.

PEZ Interviews: ASO’s Dominik Englert

It always helps having a friend on the inside – and Gord’s inaugural Tour went a lot smoother thanks to the ASO's media interpreter and all-round good-guy Dominik Englert. As part of the organization who puts on the world’s biggest bike race, we thought his story was worth telling… Everybody, meet Dominik …

Tour De PEZ: Ed Looks Back!

PEZ Roadside Wrap #1: The Tour is too full of stories to report in just 3 weeks, so here's Ed's look back... A wise man once said; “85% of your problems in life talk back at you!” In other words; “life is about people,” and we met the best of people on the 2008 Tour de France.


Tour de PEZ St.21: It’s our 5th year following Le Tour into Paris, but never have we seen it like this. Our treasured seat today was inside the most popular place in the race - the Festina crew-carrier, smack dab in the middle of the famous Tour Caravan. The parcours, fans, and Champs Elysees never looked like this…

Carmichael Sez: The Long Journey to Yellow

Final Anaylsis: The 2008 Tour de France was the culmination of a long journey for Carlos Sastre, and for many other riders in the peloton it was an important step along their own progressions through the sport of cycling.

TdF’08 St.21: Sastre-faction For CSC & QuickStep!

Race Report: Sastre way, uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it, uh-huh, uh-huh! Yep, it's party time and the sun is shining pretty damn brightly over the CSC-Saxo Bank bus right now. Carlos Sastre finally nails the biggest prize of them all - a lovely yellow jersey is safely added to the Danish squad's many-hued collection ....

Tour de PEZ: Following Mr. Hansen!

PEZ Roadside St. 20: Steegmans sways out of the saddle, his long powerful, brown legs that can win Tour stages are stabbing at the pedals: Adam stays in the tuck, he’s more stylish than the QuickStep man, the gear is lower, but the bear-like Steegmans is coming back at the Australian...PEZ followed Adam Hansen from his warm-up through post race interview at today's final time trial!

Carmichael Sez: Fatigue Takes Its Toll

Stage 20 Analysis: What do you do when your primary rival is about equal to your strength in the mountains and superior in the time trials? You wear him down with relentless pressure and wait until fatigue strips away all of his advantages.