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Andrea Peron Whispers…

“When I look around in the Peleton it looks like a group of rugby players or soldiers coming back from a long war….” These are the words that our Andrea Peron from CSC told me when I spoke with him last night on the phone. He told me his thoughts on the TTT, the low down on Tyler Hamilton and Armstrong.

AP: Dunc, It’s Andrea, where are you?

PEZ: Well Andrea while you are slogging it out around France, I’m slaming a few beers with some of your female fans!! (I’m setting up a Female only Andrea Peron Fan Club!!!)

AP: Fai bene!!! Keep them happy for my return.

PEZ: How are you?

AP: I feel good, tired, but thats goes for everybody, when I look around in the peleton it looks like a group of rugby players or soldiers coming back from a long war, it’s difficult to find a rider without a gauze strip or plaster on him! There are some riders that are worst off than others but most are battered.

PEZ: Hamilton, how is he?

AP: The evening of the accident, as I told you, I thought the Tour was finished for Tyler. Then in the morning he was advised to pull out. He promptly went back to his room got changed into his bike stuff and told me ” I’m riding, until i can’t go on, I’m riding” He wanted to arrive at least to the TTT and said that Sastre has been busting his guts for him all year so he’ll ride to help Sastre: He is amazing Dunc, not just for the fans and public but also for us…how many team captains would do what he is doing??

PEZ: With the pack battered and bruised, which of the main contenters do you see worst or better off?

AP: Simoni had a rough time in the TTT but that could make him more dangerous in the mountains. Armstrong was involved in the accident and is a bit battered, but even his prologue wasn’t what everybody was expecting but the TTT was masterly done. Knowing Armstrong (remember Andrea was with Armstrong at Motorola- Dunc) with the tough part of the Tour in the second part, he is probably finding his condition in these days to last him for the the 3 weeks. Ullrich is Ullrich, who knows!

PEZ: How was your TTT?

AP: I felt great, (remember Andrea was an Olympic silver medalist in the 100km TTT) we went well until 44km, we were in line with Team Bianchi, but then we had a few riders that started feeling tired and that makes so much difference if everybody isn’t pulling. I had to pull a bit more and Tyler was typical Tyler and gave more than a normal being!!

PEZ: Thanks Andrea, good to hear you are fine and in good condition.

AP: I think you are in better condition than me Dunc, just look where you are and in which company!!!!!

PEZ: Pez is coming to visit you in these days Andrea.

AP: Always welcome ,Bye Dunc.

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