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TDF Insider: CSC Rides TTT Course

This is the first of of a series of whispers from inside the Peleton at this year’s Tour de France. Our inside man is Andrea Peron, riding his 7th TDF in support of CSC’s leader Tyler Hamilton. Andrea is also Armstrong’s ex-team mate and “ex-gregario” to Abraham Olano in his best years. He is also an Olympic Silver medalist (100km Team Time Trial). I spoke to Andrea the other day when CSC was checking out the TDF team time trail course…

PEZ: Andrea, how are you and where are you?

AP: Hi Dunc, I’m fine. I’m on the Team Bus (I’ve noticed pro cyclist’s spend all their time on a bike or in a car or bus.Dunc!) going to Paris as tomorrow we have the medical test. We have just tried out the TT course.

Source www.letour.com

PEZ: All went as planned or were there any surprises?

AP: It’s a tough tough course, not what we were really expecting.

PEZ: What was tough about it?

AP: It’s a rhythm breaker. TT’s are all about rhythm, a Team TT rhythm is all more important. This TT starts with a climb of 4km, it’s not that steep but 4 km is enough to send anyone into tilt. Then for the first 30 km it’s all up and down, short hills of 500mtrs or 1km. It’s going to be tough to keep the Team together with all these changes of rhythms, but we are a good group so we should be all right.

PEZ: Then how are the last 30km?

AP: Well, the last 30km are flat, more of a typical TT course but today there was a lot of wind and here windy day’s are fairly common.

PEZ: What are your aims in this TDF?

AP: A good prologue, and a good first half of the Tour. I obviously would like a stage win, and I’ll certainly try. I feel good, iIve had a good build up to the Tour so I’ll play all my cards to win a stage.

PEZ: Hamilton is ok?

AP: Hamilton is fine. He pulled out 3 weeks ago racing as it was far far too hot (Over 40c heat !!) and didn’t want to burn out, but he is fine.

PEZ: Great Andrea, thanks for the phone call and I’ll here from you after the prologue.

AP : Thanks Dunc, when you guys are here give me a call and I’ll show you around the CSC team during the Tour.

Pez READERS NOTE: Keep your eyes peeled for an appearance by Andrea in an upcoming special on ESPN Classic on July 7th at 8pm EST. The show features interviews with Lance Armstrong and other riders (I’m told), and you might ven see Dunc!

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