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TDF Preview: On Tour With PEZ

10 days…and counnnnting… It’s pretty much all we live for – the defining moment of our summer, our year, come on, admit it – our lives! It’s the TOUR baby! – starting in less than 2 weeks – ! And we’re ramped to bring you coverage like you’ve never seen before – as only PezCycling News can … Here’s a preview of what’s online at PEZ in July…

Our philosophy on covering the Tour is pretty much what we do everyday at PezCycling News – get you inside the sport like no one else can. Sure – you can watch the race on tv, get the results all over the web, but it’s the stuff you didn’t see that makes a race as great as the Tour go down like a fine cognac. Drink it fast and you burn your throat – but if you look at, sense the aroma, swish it around the glass, sip it slowly – you can still get hammered – we just think our way is a lot more fun!

Just some of the switchbacks I’ll be riding – so you don’t have to – on Alpe d’Huez.

We know you’re all going to be glued to OLN for that daily coverage – but once you get to work – then what? No need to suffer Tour withdrawals as you’ll be one click away from all you need to lead life as a normal, healthy, and satisfied race fan during July…

Tune in for daily coverage and analysis from our crack PEZ reporting staff – look for our usual no b.s. “spade-a-spade” commentary. Hey send us your own – maybe we’ll run it.

Consider us your “back-stage pass” to Le Tour. You got it – I – me – The Pez – will be there live, on the ground, and in person from the 12 – 25th – through the Alps and the Pyrenees – when the real race will happen. I’ll be traveling by car and by bike – so I can get to the heart of the action on every stage.

I’ll be staying with two fine tour companies while I’m there, and offering up a “product review” for those of you planning your next bike trip in Europe (or elsewhere):
– In the Alps I’ll be with the folks from Experience Plus – they offer a full range of cycling and walking tours throughout Europe and more, featuring 3 star hotels, dinners & breakfasts (depending on your tour) and very reasonable prices. Check ‘em out at www.ExperiencePlus.com

– In the Pyrenees I’ll be with the guys from InsideTrack Tours – who offer more of a race focus to their tours – in fact Tyler Hamilton is a part owner. They also offer fully supported tours that closely follow each stage, you stay in 3-4 star hotels – and these guys are big race fans themselves so expect to benefit from their local knowledge. See them online at www.InsideTrackTours.com.

Watch out! – you just about got nailed by a guy drivin’ a cream puff!

Look for daily reports on the stuff you can’t find on other sites – like jamming with the Oom-pa band on turn 18 of Alpe d’Huez, what’s like to ride the toughest climbs, off-camera comments from the riders, sponsors, Podium Gilrs and other Tour-celebs – complete with photographic evidence.

The Cutters – goodwill ambassadors, race fans, they ARE the party…

You saw ‘em at Philly – maybe you’ve seen ‘em at the Tour in recent years – the fabulous Cutters – direct from the USA will be showing the world how to throw a real tail-gate party on every stage. Consider them “goodwill ambassadors and keg-hosts” – Pez readers will join the fray as Tom and the boys check in court-side from start to finish.

The Tour without the Yellow jersey is like PEZ-Coverage without beautiful women – where’s the fun in that? Ever since we debuted the cycling world’s best Podium Girls gallery from last year’s Vuelta – PEZ-Readers have made it clear – you want to be distracted! Rest assured – my digi-cam will be loaded with extra memory – to capture the sights we like and the views for you from a country famous for it’s “savoie faire”!

PHOTOS If you followed our Giro 2003 coverage – you’ll have seen some of the best photos anywhere from inside the bunch. I can boldly say dear readers – expect MORE! Look for exclusive pics from inside the bunch, the village, road side, back stage and anywhere else we can get a camera!

Let’s call it – Bits ‘N Bites Meets Cracker Jack – If Pez-Readers can’t go to the Tour, I say bring the Tour to YOU! I’ll be a walking memory stick – digi-cam on one hip, mini-DV cam on the other. I’m setting up the site to deliver some PEZ-FILM shorts from around the race – mini-interviews with riders & team insiders, a quick tour of the Rabo-Bus, backstage with the Podium Girls… you never know what you’ll get, but we’ll be looking for that surprise in every box!

With all this online – why go anywhere else? Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

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