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Covering The TDF: Part 2

As I found out last month in France, getting there is only a small part of the actually covering the race. You can be 5 feet away from Lance, or a major story, and still miss it because the current changes so fast at the Tour. I now offer Part 2 of my tips for aspiring journalists, Tour watchers, and interested racing freaks…

PEZ-Pass: How To Cover The Tour As Press

Most of you know I’ve just returned from covering my first Tour de France as a member of the official “press”. I’ve followed Grand Tours several times as a fan, but discovered that this type of “working vacation” is a lot more work, and requires way more organization than just pedaling the big climbs and screaming at the top of your lungs as Lance & co flash by… Here’s Part 1of my PEZ-Guide to covering the Tour as press…

Remember The Titans!

As we all hail Lance, I wanted to be sure that we paid Homage to the other 5 time winners of the Tour and to put in to perspective the accomplishments of the other men that Lance currently overshadows. This is not a slight to a super champion, but a tip of the hat meant to put the spotlight on legends that have simply done far more than some realize.

TDF Wrap: Highs, Lows, And In Betweens

Lance has proven that, with a little poke from a cattle prod (or was it a lasso?) that he can snap to attention and get the job done. He got the job done on the day it had to be done, and in Typical Armstrong fashion, along with “The Look”, we now have “The Hook”.

Time Trial For David Millar, Armstrong Safe In Yellow

So, it’s come down to a time trial, the race of truth, the race against the clock, well it’s a head to head between Armstrong and Ullrich. Will one minute five seconds be enough for Big Tex to keep the Tour from BIG Jan? Previous years Lance has had enough time in hand on his rivals to consider the last time trial as a sort of lap of honour, mind you, usually he has put more time into them for good measure.

Tour de France Stage 18: Lastras’ Lunge

With a lunge to the line, ibanesto.com's Pablo Lastras snatched victory from break companions Carlos Da Cruz and Danielle Nardello. Status Quo for the GC leaders as they let a break escape and gain over 22 minutes...

Tour Trash – Friday

Latest news from Europe and the Tour: Patrice Halgand goes to Credit Agricole: Lastras Triple: Mayo negotiates: Postal interested in Basso: Vuelta teams: Omloop: Sevilla back: Villafranca de Ordizia: Lovatt takes Manx..and much more