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Impressed with my German eh…or just impressed by THAT German…Jan Ullrich! After nearly 2 weeks of racing we have 3 men in the first 3 positions within one minute of each other. What does all this mean…means as I said last week, we have one hell of a race on our hands!!!

It’s been years that this has happened and thanks to Mayo on Alpe D’Huez and Ullrich today,we have all found out that Armstrong can be beaten. Now, Armstrong did a good TT but Ullrich’s display was AWESOME. He is thin, powerful and certainly not frightened of having a go. I know he got dropped within the first 2 km on Alpe D’Huez but he didn’t “bonk” he went up by himself and lost only 1min 35sec …just what he dished out today.

Armstrong said he was the man to fear, but we really didn’t believe him did we?? Whatever happens now, will be thanks to Mayo and Ullrich, as they have put some belief back in themselves and the others, I’m not saying that Ullrich/Mayo are going to win but they have wobbled the US Postmen and Armstrong is feeling it. Let’s hope Ullrich attacks again…then Mayo…then Hamilton ….and then Armstrong to show us yet again what a champion he is, as this is what we all want as we sit and watch this show….iIve cancelled all my dates and appointments (sorry girls and golfing partners) as I’m staying at home this weekend to watch the TDF…if anybody wants to join me I’ve plenty of beers in the fridge!

(See Stage results below)

Different language…but same old bickering…I’m a Brit, and we don’t have a good relationship with the French, I like the French and have always enjoyed France but the bickering that goes on between the French and Italians is incredible… Cipo this Cipo that Pettachi this Pettachi that Simoni this Simoni that…like school children. The Giro VS Tdf… We all know the Cipo story and there are lots of reasons behind it, also he has never finished a TDF and the French don’t like it….then Pettachi goes home while wearing the Green Jersey…and this really didn’t go down well…even if he was ill….fever of 39! but that wasn’t accepted… the Italians hit back saying “too many TT’s” plus the French have no talented up-coming cyclists…and it goes on and on and on and on… I switch the volume off when I watch the TDF! So…just to finish this bickering off… I would like to say my bit… Pettachi IS ILL and really didn’t recover from the Giro where he took a good battering, and even if he didn’t have a fever, his finishing the TDF was always in doubt…

Then there is Simoni. Now I was surprised at Simoni, he is a fairly quiet guy, so when he started saying that he was going to blow the TDF apart , then Saeco were going to win the TTT, I raised my eye-brows a twitch. Saeco were chewed up in the TTT and Simoni was spat out the back of all the climbs… and now the French make fun of him; must say it made me chuckle a bit as well, but what has impressed me with Simoni is that he hasn’t withdrawn….he is taken the flack and is riding the course to learn to ride for 3 weeks at these incredible average speeds. The number one race is the TDF and not the Giro….and as all Italians have now understood is that it’s impossible to ride the Giro and the TDF as a serious competitor and hope to win!

Now I will send the first person to give me the final 5 positions in this year’s TDF a fantastic A-Style T-shirt (remember Andrea Peron’s T-shirt in last month’s article) Just send me the first 5 positions (first correct one received is the winner) your address and T-shirt size and one of these t-shirts in the box next to me could be yours.

Ciao for Now

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Results Stage 12 TT
1.Jan Ullrich (Ger-Tbi) 58.32
2. Lance Armstrong (Usa-Usp) – 1.36
3. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz-Tel) – 2.06
4. Haimar Zubeldia Aguirre (Spa-Eus) – 2.40
5. Tyler Hamilton (Usa-Csc) – 2.43
6. Uwe Peschel (Ger-Gst) – 3.26
7. David Millar (GBr-Cof) – 3.55
8. Inigo Chaurreau Bernadez (Spa-A2r) – 4.01
9. David Plaza Romero (Spa-Tbi) – 4.37
10. Santiago Botero (Col-Tel) – 5.00

GC Results After Stage 12 TT
1. Lance Armstrong (Usa-Usp) – 41.15.34
2. Jan Ullrich (Ger-Tbi) – 0.35
3. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kaz-Tel) – 0.51
4. Tyler Hamilton (Usa-Csc) – 2.59
5. Haimar Zubeldia Aguirre (Spa-Eus) – 4.29
6. Iban Mayo Diez (Spa-Eus) – 4.29
7. Francisco Mancebo Perez (Spa-Ban) – 5.01
8. Ivan Basso (Ita-Fas) – 6.49
9. Denis Menchov (Rus-Ban) – 7.24
10. Christophe Moreau (Fra-C.A) – 7.55

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