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Rider Comments: TDF Stage 3

We’re doin’ it all for you – the Pez-Readers! We’re so international, we’ve got an Italian doing French to Italian to English translations – so you don’t miss a thing from the planet of cycling we call “le Tour”. Italian correspondent Michele Tomasi reports on rider comments from Petacchi, Nazon, Simoni and even Salvodelli after today’s 3rd stage… (so cut us some slack on the grammar!)

Alessandro Petacchi: “I did the most beautiful sprint of this season, here at Tour. I started more than 200 metres from the finish line, I spurted a bit behind and I felt Vainsteins push on me. I wanna say thanks to all my team mates and Ferretti. Ferretti told me that I didn’t need to worry, because I’ve few kms on my legs, and I can only improve. I didn’t run since Giro d’Italia…Also this time he was right… . I’m afraid for yesterday, because I wanted to give a victory to my mum (it was her birthday), but I really didn’t go” .

J.P. Nazon: “I got many hard moments during last winter and perhaps that’s why I’m feeling stronger now. And I got troubles either to find a contract. Nobody was ready to believe in me. Today I showed that also I have some good qualities. I just wish that this is the start of a big adventure”.

Gilberto Simoni: “Today it has been an hard stage, because everybody was going very fast. Also if it was flat, it has been a very nervous day. I crashed at the start of the race, nothing bad. About tomorrow, I still believe that Saeco will do the best performance of ever. I’m sure of my mates”.

Paulo Savoldelli: “Tomorrow my favourites are Once and US Postal. Also Team Bianchi shall do a good race, but these 2 teams are more concentrates in the team time trial. All the riders need to be very focused to arrive at the victory. I really wish that Simoni and his team will do a good stage, but I think that it will not be possible for them to win it. If they will lose around 1 minute, it will be a good performance. Talking about me, I got the baddest season of ever. I was wishing to be here, at the start of Tour de France. But since the end of Tour of Germany, I got a virus, and I’m still having it. Until it will not be gone, I cannot start to train”.

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