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CMC Training Camp: A Podium Experience

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending time at world-class training facilities like the AIS or USOC, being pampered by dedicated support staff while at the same time learning how to train and push to your athletic limit? On offer from Podium Tours is a special training camp at the Centre Mondiale Cyclisme at the UCI HQ in Switzerland.

UCI – More Than Stuffed Shirts!
Like them or not, the UCI has been all over the news in 2004. From doping scandals to ProTour reconfigurations and battles with the Grand Tours, the UCI may seem to many to be an authoritarian dictatorship not concerned with the average cyclist or the actual development of cycling.

However, digging deeper, the UCI is more than a bunch of bureaucrats, and is actually a leader in the development of cycling throughout the world. One of the key features at the UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland, is the World Cycling Centre (CMC – Centre Mondiale du Cyclisme in French). The CMC is dedicated to developmental cycling, especially in non-traditional cycling nations. Built much along the lines of the Australian Institute of Sport, promising juniors and other cyclists stay at the CMC and receive world-class coaching and support at its facilities. One of its biggest success stories to date is the silver medal earned by Tunisian Rafaa Chtioui in the Junior Men’s RR at the Worlds in Verona 2004.

Hard-Core Camping
So what would it be like to train at the CMC and spend a week with elite coaches and support staff dedicated to improving your training? Organized by Podium Tours, the CMC will be hosting an elite training camp April 30 – May 7, 2005. The timing of the camp will allow participants to benefit from what they learn at the camp and transfer the work accomplished into results during the season.

At the same time, another highlight will be the Tour of Romandie going by the front doors, and participants will have a chance to watch the final TT held in Lausanne.

But make no mistake, this will not be a cycling holiday with a bit of training thrown in! The week is dedicated throughout to improving your cycling ability, with each workout and accompanying talks being designed to focus on a specific discipline such as climbing or time trialing.

Trip Highlights
Here’s what the trip includes:
• Lactate threshold and anaerobic capacity testing and interpretation, along with individual consultations and program planning for each participant.

• Specific workouts and coaching each day for developing time trialing, climbing, power, etc.

• Full sport science support from Dr. Stephen Cheung, exercise physiologist and the Sport Science and Training Editor for PezCycling News. In addition to leading the coaching and sport science program at the camp, Dr. Cheung will perform pre-camp consultations and planning with each participant along with providing one month free coaching post-camp.

• World-class coaching from Frederic Magne, CMC Track Coach and 7-time World champion (keirin, tandem) and multiple World sprint and keirin medalist. Participants will have the opportunity to ride the track and learn specific speed/power drills from Frederic Magne.

• Daily discussions and seminars with coaches and specialists at the CMC.

• Race watching of the final stage of the Tour de Romandie, an ITT at Lausanne.

Facilities and Support
• Full access to CMC facilities, including weightroom, 200 m indoor velodrome, etc.

• Full professional mechanical and soigneur support, along with sag support for all rides.

For full details on this unique training camp, please visit Podium Tours

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