What's Cool In Road Cycling

TRAVEL: Rewards With Velo Classic Tours

Since their inception 5 years ago, Vйlo Classic Tours has continually created new ways to offer a complete cycling and travel experience. This creativity is paying off, as Vйlo Classic Tours has received a 2005 Trip of the Year Award from Outside Magazine with their winning itinerary to the Swiss Alps and the World Cycling Center in Aigle, Switzerland.

Travel: Train With Frankie In Georgia

Yes - we too are thinking about our next cycling vacation – but before you hit the big summer rides, how about a Spring getaway to build some form and enjoy the roads of the Tour de Georgia – all under the watchful guidance of America’s TDF vet Frankie Andreu? Discover Adventures has just the trip…

CMC Training Camp: A Podium Experience

Who hasn’t dreamed of spending time at world-class training facilities like the AIS or USOC, being pampered by dedicated support staff while at the same time learning how to train and push to your athletic limit? On offer from Podium Tours is a special training camp at the Centre Mondiale Cyclisme at the UCI HQ in Switzerland.

Book Review: SELF-GUIDED Tour de France 2005

Planning your own trip to the Tour de France doesn’t have to complicated. That’s the premise behind Velotainment.com’s Self-Guided Tour de France 2005. The brainchild of Velotainment.com founder and PCN contributor Ted Arnold, the guide is for folks who want to create their own trip rather than go with a traditional tour group. Arnold sent us a copy so we could leak a sneak peak.

Top Rides: The Climb to Madonna di Ghisallo

This weekend’s Giro di Lombardia is as great a race as it is under-rated. A true “climbers” classic – it will decide the World Cup, as Bettini and Rebellin battle on the tough alpine climbs, including the ascent to the fabled Madonna di Ghisallo church. I was there last month, and it's one you just gotta do…

Travel: Global Cycling with Inside Track Tours

The Tour is a mammoth organizational challenge whether you’re part of the race or a tifosi following the traveling carnival. You can choose to rough it and do it on your own, or you can choose to do it in style with the folks from Inside Track Tours. Luckily for me, Pez chose the latter for my initiation into Tour-chasing…

TRAVEL: Ride Provenзe With VйloSport Vacations

Provence has often been called the “French Tuscany” – complete with rolling green hills, some big climbs, sumptuous food, abundant wine, and endless kms of winding roads - it’s a sure bet for a great week of cycling. Throw in the Dauphine, and you’re pretty close to nirvana…


The World Championships are returning to Verona, Italy, and SPROCKETMONKEY Cycling Tours is offering a stylish way to ride, see the racing, and enjoy the best Italy has to offer. We checked in with Aaron Ramroth to see what guests can expect on this hip tour of the Veneto region.

Meet Sprocketmonkey: Hip Cycling Tours

It's a great time to take your bike to Europe, see a big race, eat well, stay in swanky hotels, and let someone else handle the details. Sprocketmonkey will handle the details for you, your riding, and even entertain your non-riding better-half, while lodging you in design hotels and feeding you at hip restaurants along the way. As the name suggests – they’re a little different…