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Join the Pez-Corps! Report La Vuelta

Wanted – Deputy Reporters To Roam the Spanish Frontier. As part of our expanding Grand Tour coverage, we’re looking for a few good men – & women – who are willing to take up the challenge of reporting from the Tour of Spain. The hours are long and the pay sucks, but the personal glory and bragging rights will be yours forever!

We need your stories from the “on-the-ground” perspective, from the outside looking in – there’s a million stories on a Grand Tour, and we want to hear ’em, see ’em, read ’em!

But they gotta be good – how good? Well, if you can write something that would be entertaining to someone who doesn’t know you – then call us now!

You’re stories and photos will be published right here at PezCycling News during the Vuelta – and maybe even after it!

Successful Candidates will be:
1. In Spain between September 6 – 28, 2003.

2. Following the Tour of Spain – either at the daily stages, or on local Spanish TV.

3. Able to take decent digital photos. (Bring your own camera).

4. Able to write a good story! (Bring your own laptop or reasonable facsimile.)

5. Able to send via email – from Spain, Items #3 & #4.

6. Creative, trustworthy, reliable, a good speller, and good looking. (We leave these criteria up to you, so be honest!)

If this sounds like the gig for you – contact us before September 4th, at [email protected]

Join The PEZ-Corps! There’s no life like it!

P.S. You can also submit your stories for publictaion later.

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