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Pro Shop: Focused Training and Tracking Progress

At all levels, the race schedule is filled with one-day races, shorter and longer stage races and, if you are a professional, the ultimate in racing, three-week grand tours. How should you adjust your training to be best prepared for these different race styles? Pros Dario Cioni and Aaron Olson takes us through their training logs for some answers.

Vuelta Stg 21: A Happy Ending For Heras!

Some of you will still be chilling out for the last few hours of your weekend when you read this. Some of you might even have dragged your asses back into the office for the start of another week of pretending to work when the boss is in. Right now, though, one lucky rider will be putting his gold jersey on to go partying ....

Vuelta Stg 20: Desperation and Weirdness

The Vuelta entered the final phase today, with no end of seemingly weird tactical decisions, and a desperate last-gasp attack from Santi Perez. The Phonak man was trying to get as close as possible to Heras before tomorrow’s final TT.

La Vuelta Stg 18: Breakaway Bonanza From Heras’ Home

Today’s stage cracked off in Heras’ hometown and included four categorised climbs to spice up the proceedings in the final days of the race. Did the Homeboy take inspiration from the locals or was the day stolen by another pretender to the Vuelta’s throne? Read on…

La Vuelta Stage 17: Big Day In The Mountains

First bit of good news was Tyler Hamilton’s denial of anything wrong with his blood sample, let's hope all is well. Back to the racing, to day could be one of the decisive days of this years’ La Vuelta a Espaсa. 169.8 hard kilometers from Plasencia to the ski station summit finish at La Covatilla (Bйjar).

La Vuelta Stage 16: Breakaway Day

Today was an extension of yesterday’s day off with a nice big group of 14 nobodies going away early and at one time had over 17 minutes of a gap. The only riders worth mentioning in the group are Danny Di Luca and Pablo Lastras, this was a break to succeed.

Vuelta Stage 13: Hollywood Ending

After a week devoted to pain and suffering of the time trialing and vertical variety, the pack was treated to a relative day off as the sprinters again took centre stage. Now normally we don’t like to give away the stage results in the headlines, but who are we kidding?