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Vuelta ’05: Christian Vande Velde Mini-Chat

We’ve once again caught up with Christian VandeVelde, out in Spain slugging it out for the CSC team in the Vuelta. Things are going well so far for the American, who is finished yesterday’s first mountain stage in 23rd overall. We check in with the affable CSC rider….

PEZ: Yo, Christian, 630, represent my man!

CVV: 630 in the house, what up?

PEZ: So, you’re at the Vuelta, and you’re doing pretty damn good right now. What are your plans for the coming days?

CVV: Yeah the race is going pretty well for us so far. Carlos is looking strong and we are doing the race for him. Jacob has been in every break this tour, and I mean every one! So if he doesn’t make it to the finish one day it will be a pity.

Christian won the blanc-rouge jersey at the Eneco Tour.

PEZ: What’s in the inside scoop with CSC. Waiting to make your big move in the hills, or going to play to the other teams beat?

CVV: The team isn’t going to make a big shoe any time soon and if other teams want to kill themselves, then so be it.

PEZ: Eating any good local food?

CVV: The food has been pretty weak so far. Luckily we have the team chef here this year and that makes things much better.

PEZ: Any sleeper stages out there? Anything the average fan should know to look out for?

CVV: I think that the tt in lloret will be more significant than most people think.

So, we send Christian off uphill somewhere, and wish him all the luck.

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