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BELGIAN PEZ #2: The Flanders Start!

Being in Belgium, at a Spring Classic – where to begin to tell the tale of our Flander’s race chase, of perhaps the most popular of any one day race? To fully appreciate the Flandrian spectacle, you really have to be here, but we’ll do our best to glimpse you a slice of just how incredible this event really is… The Start Line Photobook is next…

We stayed with Velo Classic Tours in the start town of Brugge – a Venice-like town (Belgian-style) because of its canals, but also a town of distinctly preserved 18-century architecture. Classically European – beautiful old buildings, narrow streets, a completely different language…

We walked over to the main square in the town center about 9:00 AM to see the race start. The huge square was already s-r-o. Job #1 was to pick-up our press creds and then join the fray. Turns out the press office did not have us listed, but luckily they recognized our names and added us to the list. We were set …

VDB tests his radio set… Check, check, check 0ne two…

Two minutes later I was standing on the start line as the riders assembled after signing in. Regardless of how often you do this, it’s always cool rubbin’ shoulders with the world’s best bike racers…

Almost immediately I saw famous Italian photographer Roberto Bettini (no relation to Paulo), setting up a team shot for Lampre.

Bettini offered to snap a shot me yours truly, and I graciously accepted! His camera is a lot bigger than mine. Also note the stylin’ Pez-Crew jacket by Hincapie Sportswear – it’s proving a real crowd pleaser.

Then I tracked down Bert Roesems, who gave us a great interview a few weeks ago. We had never met in person, and Bert mentioned he had tried to send me a text message on my new phone. Of course I had not yet figured out how to retrieve my text messages in Europe, so Bert offers to do it for me… 5 minutes before the start of the race! He was pretty relaxed…

The heavy hitters always sign-in at the end, like local fave Van Petegem, Eric Dekker, and Big George.

Hey there’s Max Sciandri – gotta say hi. Pez: “Max – I’m from PezCycling News – have you heard of us?”
Max: “Yes!!”
Pez: Cool!

Randall and Peter (from Velo Classic) bumped into our friend Phil Liggett, who said: “PezCycling News is taking over the world!”
Can we quote you on that Phil?

Moments before the gun – Let’s get this show on the road! It was darn chilly in the shade.

Local joker wins bets with buddies and impresses fans by chasing the race out of the town square.

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