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Hamilton Pez Pass – The British Are Coming!

Your intrepid Pez gang has landed in Hamilton! and not a moment too soon, as we find the Brits ready to rock and roll their way through Steeltown and hopefully to a fistful of medals. We caught up with the team personnel for their thoughts…

It’s Cold Here!
I’ve left the massive hurricane that blasted Halifax and am back in my old stomping grounds of southern Ontario, where I spent four years earning my Ph.D. in Toronto. this included one year spent living in Hamilton, otherwise known as Steeltown for the massive steel factories. In fact, my old house lies right off the road course, so it will be scary to see how fast the big boys and girls fly up Beckett and Claremont compared to myself.

Anyway, I spent the past few days at an exercise physiology conference down in nearby Niagara. The conference was fun, but it was made even better by finding the British Cycling Federation staying at the same resort. I had the chance to have breakfast a few times with soigneur John Evans and team managers John Herety and David Mellor, who arrived in Canada early last week with most of the women and espoir men to set things up for the big show this week. They were quietly confident in the chances of snaring a few medals, with super phenom Nicole Cooke (double junior world champ in Lisbon 2001) riding with ants in her pants and a big favourite for medals in both the senior TT and RR.

Alastair’s Hero
Then of course there’s our own Alastair Hamilton’s favourite David Millar, coming off a couple of second places in the time trials at La Vuelta. I chatted with him briefly and he looked super focused, not to mention super fit and lean. And for those keeping track, his hair is currently a Dario Frigo shade of greyish white! The team staff said that Millar had a new TT bike custom made for him and that he absolutely fell in love with it after trying it out on the Manchester track last week. It’s a road version of the carbon track bikes designed or the UK Sports Institute. It’s hand-laid carbon fibre can be customized for any application while burning a huge hole in your wallet. Look for photos as I try to sneak into the Brit pits this week!

Next up on the agenda will see me partying with the entire Squadra Azurri Monday night at a ritzy dinner put on by Giuseppe Ferrara, the man whose passion brought the World’s to Hamilton. Stay tuned!

About Stephen
Stephen Cheung, our Sport Science and Training Editor, is currently playing hooky from his real life as an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He can be reached for advice or comments at [email protected]

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