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Readers’ Rigs

Readers’ Rig: Marco’s S.W. Cotten Track Bike

It's not often you see a bike in a shop window, that isn't a cycle shop, but if you are near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York you have to make a visit to Pasanella & Son, Vintners and have a look at their S.W. Cotten track bike. Marco Pasanella gives us the full run-down on this work of art.

Readers’ Rig: Colossi XCR

From the woods of Hong Kong, Pez fan Ed sent us in this story of his custom Colossi XCR that has clocked up miles in a number of different countries and has even had a respray or two...it's Readers' Rigs time from South East Asia!

A Beautiful Replica: Lucho Herrera’s Pinarello

Egan Bernal was the first Colombian to win the Tour de France, but Lucho Herrera was the first Colombian and South American to win a Grand Tour - La Vuelta a España 1987. Both Bernal and Herrera rode a Pinarello, Herrera later in his career. Ed Hood has a look at an exact replica of Herrera's Pinarello from Treviso.

Readers’ Rigs: Waterford Track Bike

Jeffrey Ogren has sent us this bike for Reader’s Rigs, this isn’t Jeffrey's bike, it belonged to Roger Nelson, a customer at his bike shop, who gave the bike to the shop and it was passed on to a young racer. Rodger Nelson has raced since 1948, and now lives in Florida, and still very active. Here is the story of the bike by Jeffrey Ogren.

Readers’ Rigs: Ritchey Swiss Cross or Gravel Bike

As spring approaches in the northern hemisphere, today's Readers' Rig is a gravel grinder from the back roads of Toronto, Canada built around a classic Ritchey Swiss Cross frame, Ultegra gearing and Enve carbon clincher wheels. The ultimate bike for some on and off bitumen adventures?

Readers’ Rigs: Jonathan’s Giant TCR Advanced SL1

Sometimes a Readers' Rig doesn't have to be a much loved heirloom or a custom bling machine, it could also be an off the rack new bike like today's reader Jonathon from Oakland with his Giant TCR Advanced SL1. There's nothing quite like that new bike feeling as Jonathon explains when he talks about his red and black beauty.

Retro Readers’ Rigs: Lawwill-Knight Pro Cruiser!

And now for something completely different - an MTB on PEZ! Yes, but it is retro. When PEZ fan Dick - a keen roadie - sent in pics of his Pro Cruiser MTB our roadie brains were interested in this bike. It's one of only 600 that were made between 1978 and 1984 and makes claim to being the first production MTB.