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Gear Break: Ekoi Aerodinamica Helmet by Pininfarina, Santini Tour’24 Bologna Kit, Pinarello Unveils Two New Bolide Models, AI Fitness Revolution with Mojawa’s HaptiFit Terra, Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One Available in Canada and Camelbak New Podium Vaccum Insulated Water Bottle

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Gear Break: Ekoi Aerodinamica Helmet by Pininfarina, Tour de France 2024: Santini unveils the Bologna kit dedicated to the city that will host the arrival of the second stage, Pinarello unveils two new Bolide F HR models, the AI fitness revolution is here with Mojawa’s HaptiFit Terra, Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One available in Canada and Camelbak launch their new Podium vacuum insulated water bottle, two models: Podium Steel and Podium Titanium.

Ekoi Aerodinamica Helmet by Pininfarina
A work of art and a jewel of technology, the EKOÏ AERODINAMICA design by PININFARINA helmet has been designed to offer riders from the Israel Premier-Tech, Arkéa–B&B Hotels, Cofidis and Lotto-Dstny teams the fastest and most protective helmet in the peloton.

ekoi Aero Helmet

It is the embodiment of the perfect alchemy of two skills. The timeless expertise of the grandissimo Italian design house and that of Ekoï, whose heartbeat is guided by the research for performance.

Sculpted to perfection by the magic of the wind tunnel, its sleek, pure lines seem to defy weightlessness. The epitome of aerodynamics, the EKOÏ AERODINAMICA design by PININFARINA helmet was conceived with the ambition of achieving 6 goals: aerodynamics, protection, comfort, ventilation, design, lightness.

Products benefits:

  • Computer-aided, wind-tunnel-tested design.
  • Aerodynamic helmet designed for professional sprinters.
  • 30% more energy absorbed during impact (integrated KOROYD technology).

ekoi Aerodynamic Helmet

Aerodynamics: Developed in Wind Tunnel, Approved by the Best Sprinters
Developed in a wind tunnel with our engineers to reduce the coefficient of drag when speeds exceed 40 km/h, the AERODINAMICA helmet has been designed to offer all speed-minded cyclists the most efficient equipment to take them to the finish line.

Ekoï has called on Swiss Side, world renowned for its aerodynamic research to produce one of the fastest helmets in the world. Months of R & D were required to finalize the aero profile of this new model.

Developed in close collaboration with professional riders from the Israel Premier-Tech and Lotto-Dstny teams, including Caleb Ewan, the helmet has already enabled the latter (in its prototype version) to win a sprint.

ekoi Aerodynamic Helmet

A helmet’s purpose and first priority is protection. The Ekoï AERODINAMICA helmet has been carefully designed to offer cyclists much more than just standard protection.

In collaboration with the company KOROYD®, the helmet’s structure has been reinforced by the insertion of nanotube plates in the most exposed areas (front and sides). Thermally welded together to form a honeycomb shape. And it’s exactly this lightweight honeycomb construction, free of weak points, that absorbs 30% more energy released on impacts than standard EPS.

Another major advantage of KOROYD® technology: this high-quality technical polymer is unaffected by variations in outside temperature. Its extraordinary shock absorption properties remain stable unlike those of standard EPS, which will tend to ‘wilt’ when it’s hot and become hard and brittle in cold weather. As a result, cyclists benefit from an optimum level of protection, whatever the temperature.

ekoi Aerodynamic Helmet

PININFARINA is a world-renowned name, a signature. And for the first time in its prestigious history, the Italian designer applies his signature to a bicycle helmet. The initial pencil stroke gave life to the helmet, which was then modelled in 3D.

The result is a ‘body’ with aero curves and a sleek profile, cut exclusively for speed.

The front grill features three slender gills that follow the shape of the helmet and perfectly oriented to guide airflow.

The rear features an air extractor (or “diffuser”) with arched architecture. This houses a low-slung X designed to optimize the helmet’s aerodynamic properties and ventilation.

In its black and red livery, the helmet is elegant, though tremains subtle in a very classy way.

Adopting a pure racing look, as refined as it is uncompromising.

ekoi Aerodynamic Helmet

Comfort and Modularity
With its anatomical shape, the helmet adapts to most skull shapes. It comes in 3 sizes (S/M/L). Strategically-sited thick foam guarantees soft contact with the top of the head.

The Lightness
The Ekoï AERODINAMICA design by Pininfarina helmet boasts an exceptional aerodynamic weight/performance ratio (300 g). It illustrates the concept that a good helmet should protect while remaining inconspicuous. Its low weight is all the more decisive during a sprint when every gram counts.

The Ekoï AERODINAMICA design by Pininfarina helmet is the perfect illustration of the successful symbiosis between design, innovation and performance. Approved by pro teams, already victorious with Caleb Ewan (Lotto-Dstny) and Giacomo Nizzolo (Israel Premier-Tech), we are sure to offer you one of the fastest helmets in the world.

  • ATOP micrometric adjustment: optimum occipital support.
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle: intuitive, one-handed closure.
  • Adjustable ‘Y’ straps
  • Wind tunnel-engineered airflow system with 3 front vents + 4 rear vents
  • Optimized protection thanks to 4 KOROYD inserts placed in the most exposed areas: 2 on the sides + 2 on the front.
  • Weight: 310 g (S) – 320 g (M) – 340 g (L).
  • 3 sizes: S (52-54 cm) – M (55-58 cm) – L (59-61 cm).
  • CE/UKCA/US CPSC standards

ekoi Aerodynamic Helmet

Alastair Hamilton PEZ sez: Okay, you’ve read all the technical stuff above and you’re asking the question: “What is a slow, old guy like me want with a helmet that ‘reduces the coefficient of drag when speeds exceed 40 km/h’?” Well, the answer is “why not?”. I don’t need Di2 either, but I’m glad I spent the money on a 2nd-hand bike with electric gears – They are just so nice to use.

Ekoi pininferina
Pininfarina concept from the 50’s

The Ekoï AERODINAMICA is designed by Pininfarina and you can see his influence. The helmet has sleek lines, much like his car designs, especially the rear of the helmet. The front is smooth to cut into the wind and then cuts off at the rear. Typical Pininfarina – Stylish and functional.

Ekoi Aerodynamica
Typical Pininfarina

Apart from the style and the aerodynamics, we have to look at the reasons why I like this helmet. The comfort has to be very important, you don’t realise you are wearing a good helmet, you forget you have one on. For me the Ekoï falls into this bracket. It is full adjustable with a multi click twist button, like you have on your shoes, which also has hight adjustment at the back of your head for a snug feel and security. A good fitting helmet is a safe helmet.

Rear adjust

Talking of safety, the helmet has KOROYD® insertions at the most important places, the front and sides. It is made up of a honeycomb shape which is lightweight and absorbs the shock of an impact, obviously I didn’t put that to the test, but the helmet is light and the solid feel gives you confidence.

The KOROYD® insertions

Back to the comfort: The padding is all the right places, not just at the front and sides, there ample cushioning at the top. The straps also have a lot of options for position and have a wide spacer for under the ears, which also has a lever clamp to hold the straps in place once you have found your optimal position. The buckle is magnetic, it always goes to the right place when you are fastening up and you only need one had to take it off. all helmets should have this.

The best helmet buckle you can get

As to ventilation, there are three large air inlets at the front and basically all of the back is an air outlet. We have been having strange weather in this part of Spain so far this year. It was warm in February, with temperatures in the upper 20’sºC and then colder in March with it dropping below 10ºC. The first time I used the Ekoï AERODINAMICA, it was a warm day (not super hot) and there was definitely enough air round my head to keep it cool. then in March I didn’t feel cold, but maybe a cap would be needed in near sub-zero temperatures, not that I would go out in those conditions, but I do have a choice.

Plenty ventilation

The Final Words: Style, comfort and safety. Everything you need, even if you re not that fast, you will feel fast.


Anything negative? I couldn’t put my glasses in the ventilation holes, that might be my fault, but I tried a few times. The only other problem might be that other riders might think you are faster and fitter than you really are… or is that just me?

That Pininfarina style

Tour de France 2024: Santini Unveils the Bologna Kit Dedicated to the City that Will Host the Arrival of the Second Stage
During the press conference hosted today by the Emilia-Romagna Region to mark 100 days until the passage of the Tour de France 2024, Santini, the official partner of the Tour de France, presented the cycling outfit celebrating the city of Bologna.

Santini Bologna 2024

The press conference organised by the Emilia-Romagna Region to mark the 100-day countdown to the arrival of the Tour de France 2024 in Bologna, which will host the second stage of this major cycling event. During the media meeting, Santini, the official partner of the Tour de France since 2022, unveiled the technical clothing kit that pays tribute to the city of Bologna, capturing its unique essence and vibrant spirit.

In each edition of the Grande Boucle, the Italian brand creates kits dedicated to the stages to celebrate the territories through which ‘the peloton’ passes and to tell the story of the places crossed. For the second stage of the Tour de France, scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 30, from Cesenatico to Bologna in Emilia-Romagna, Santini has crafted a kit that captures the spirit of the city of Bologna.

Santini Bologna 2024

The colors of the kit are those distinctive to the Bologna football team, red and blue. On the back of the jersey, there is a series of graphic elements that recall some of the most iconic symbols of the city: the Asinelli Tower, the municipal flag, and the trident of the Neptune Fountain. There is also a reference to one of the many typical dishes: spaghetti with Bolognese sauce.

The Bologna collection consists of a jersey and bib shorts. From a technical standpoint, the jersey is highly breathable and features a classic fit. It’s made with Race fabric on the front and back, mesh on the sides, and raw-cut sleeves. The bib shorts are made of medium compression fabric and equipped with leg grippers to keep them in place and breathable mesh braces. The GITevo pad has a gel core to absorb shocks gradually and ensure maximum comfort during long rides.

Santini Bologna 2024

Santini’s Bologna collection is much more than just a cycling kit: it is a vibrant and dynamic tribute to a city rich in history and culture, which welcomes the world of cycling with enthusiasm and warmth.
The outfit will be available on the website www.santinicycling.com from mid-April.

  • Recommended retail price – jersey: 100.00 euros
  • Recommended retail price – bib shorts: 140.00 euros
  • For more information: www.santinicycling.com.

Pinarello Unveils Two New Bolide F HR Models

Bolide F HR on Track for Paris 2024
Italy to ride two new incarnations at the Olympic Games

Pinarello 2024

Pinarello has unveiled two new incarnations of its Hour Record-winning Bolide F HR which it hopes will propel the men’s and women’s Italian track cycling teams to victory in the team pursuit at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The men’s endurance squad, who are the reigning Olympic champions, have received 3D-printed scalmalloy versions of this revolutionary track bike – the Bolide F HR 3D – while the women’s endurance athletes will compete on a custom carbon model – the Bolide HR C.

The Bolide F HR 3D was initially developed for Filippo Ganna’s successful Hour Record attempt on Saturday 8th October 2022 where he set a new, still unsurpassed benchmark of 56.792km in Grenchen, Switzerland.

The following week Ganna also set a new 4km individual pursuit world record at sea level on the bike at the UCI Track World Championships, breaking the four-minute barrier with his time of 3min 59.636sec.

Fellow INEOS Grenadiers athlete, and the team’s Performance Engineer, Dan Bigham also rode a prototype of the bike when he set the previous-best Hour Record two months prior to Ganna.

Pinarello 2024


The Bolide F HR 3D was the first and fastest high-performance 3D-printed bike ever produced, and these latest incarnations retain its key features, including:

AirStream technology – Developed in collaboration with the University of Adelaide and aerodynamics R&D partner NablaFlow, and inspired by the tubercules found on the flippers of humpback whales, a unique pattern of AeroNodes have been integrated onto the seat tube and seat post to reduce the complex vortexes generated by riders’ leg movements in order to improve airflow.

AirFoil sections on the bottom bracket and wheel hubs are longer and slimmer to reduce the frontal area. These innovations take advantage of the UCI’s decision to remove its 3:1 rule and research found aspect ratios of 6:1, and even 8:1, performed significantly better than that original 3:1 benchmark.

Narrow forks and seat stays – Recent trends in aero frame design have seen a shift towards wide forks and seat stays to try and reduce the overall drag of bike and rider. Our research in this area, however, was not conclusive. We made the decision therefore, to adopt a more reliable combination of narrow forks and seat stays to minimise the weight of the frame in order to yield faster results.

Optimised handlebar geometry was achieved as a result of multiple rounds of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) testing to minimise the total drag of rider and bike. Again, we collaborated with NablaFlow to conduct countless simulations using their AeroCloud software – which runs on AWS, the preferred cloud solution of the FIA and many F1 teams – to determine the most efficient design.

Pinarello 2024

Cutting-edge 3D printing technology

Pinarello has led the way in 3D bicycle printing technology since 2015 and spent countless hours developing the Bolide F HR 3D’s innovative design. Each frame incorporates just five parts; with the front triangle comprising three pieces in addition to seat and chain stays.

Scalmalloy was selected for the men’s model as its properties allow it to excel under the increased forces and speed the male athletes produce, while the lighter carbon Bolide F HR C model will allow the female athletes to get up to speed in the fastest-possible time.

Both new models share the same geometries and dimensions as the original Bolide F HR 3D and are available in three standard frame sizes. Each one has been checked and approved by the UCI and are available for the general public and other teams to purchase.

The newly developed handlebar and extensions allow for precise positioning and optimal aero advantages.

Pinarello 2024

Tried and tested

The frames and bars were first used in competition by the Italian team at the 2023 UCI Track World Championships and have been tested further at their training base in Montichiari. The squad have received 12 bikes in total and will race on bespoke blue colourways. The bikes will be available commercially in black titan and carbon black respectively.

Fausto Pinarello said: “As an iconic Italian brand, we could not be prouder to work with the Italian track team, who like us, are continuing to push the boundaries of athletic performance.

“We have invested a lot to produce six 3D-printed scalmalloy bikes for the male riders and six carbon fibre versions for the women (including three separate sized moulds). Our hope is that the men will defend their Olympic title on the track this summer and our super-strong women’s team also succeed in their quest for gold. We’ve done everything we can to give them the best-possible chance.”

Marco Villa Performance Director of Italian track team said: “We have enjoyed a hugely successful partnership with Pinarello over the last 30 years and once again, they have provided us with two truly world-class, cutting-edge bikes which will give our team pursuit athletes a great opportunity to go for gold in Paris.”

Pinarello 2024

The Bolide F HR 3D and Bolide HR C frames are priced at €28,750 and €12,500 respectively, and are available now.

The AI Fitness Revolution Is Here with Mojawa’s HaptiFit Terra
The ultimate AI Sports Trainer will replace all your fitness devices and elevate your workout with AI insights.

Today, Mojawa, the leading manufacturer of bone conduction headphones, announced that its HaptiFit Terra is now available for $299. The all-in-one device transforms fitness routines by combining the capabilities of smartwatches, headphones, and a personal trainer into a sleek, head-mounted design. The HaptiFit Terra features an AI Sports Trainer, bone conduction audio, intuitive haptic controls, and a durable IP68 dustproof and waterproof design, making it the only device athletes need to reach their fitness goals.


Most athletic gear is designed for one purpose: tracking activity, playing music, or sharing insights after a workout. The HaptiFit Terra is an all-in-one solution with a sleek, titanium alloy frame that is light and compatible with helmets, glasses, or goggles, for training on the road, track, or in the pool. The stable fit of the head-mounted device ensures precise tracking to provide informed swim, run, cycle, and other activity recommendations. It will revolutionize fitness tracking by using bone conduction audio, haptic controls, and an AI Sports Trainer to shift workouts into complete training sessions. Music and real-time insights are delivered via the HaptiFit Terra’s open-ear design featuring magnetically levitated brass for clear, rich sound without blocking ambient noise, for awareness and safety.


AI Sports Trainer: On Demand, Customizable Coaching
Mojawa is transforming fitness tracking with its proprietary AI Sports Trainer. Combined with the HaptiFit Terra’s bone conduction audio and haptic controls, it simulates a personal coach giving real-time guidance. It starts by developing a personal exercise plan based on the user’s fitness objectives, schedule, and fitness goals, tracked against their current running ability and most recent qualifying run record.

Then, the HaptiFit Terra sends voice cues to adjust pace, continue for another lap, slow down their heart rate, etc. during runs, swims, or bike rides. This training guidance, delivered in real-time via the bone conduction audio works as if it was a coach running alongside the user, all while playing the user’s motivational music. After each session, the AI Sports Trainer continually adjusts the training regimen to propel users towards their fitness milestones and goals.


Haptic Controls Make Interaction Easy
Fitness tracking is traditionally static, requiring users to complete a workout or look at a screen mid-stride to review their stats. Instead, the HaptiFit Terra simplifies user interaction through its innovative, 3D pressure-sensitive haptic controls and enables quick adjustments for activity type, volume, lights, and more, bypassing the need to use a smartphone or glance at a wrist wearable.

Additionally, the HaptiFit Terra’s Pacer mode functions as a haptic metronome. Runners can set their desired pace and receive a “beat” that will keep them on-pace without visual cues. Plus, the device features up to eight hours of battery life and 32GB of storage to keep users motivated throughout training.


An App to Help Users Thrive
After completing the workout, users can analyze their performance metrics such as cadence, heart rate, and swim laps on the Mojawa app (available for iPhone and Android). The app offers AI-generated training plans tailored to their goals, including a progress chart that adjusts to the user’s training timeline, such as a 12-week marathon preparation plan. Later in 2024, the Mojawa app will soon introduce social features enabling users to share their stats and foster friendly competition among peers, coaches, and trainers in real-time.


  • The HaptiFit Terra is available in Polar Night Black, Misty Mountain Blue, and Silver Ash Grey for $299 at mojawa.com.

Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One Available March 19th in Canada
Customers will be able to purchase the collaborative trainer directly from Wahoo

Wahoo Zwift One 2024

Zwift, the global online fitness platform, has today announced that the KICKR CORE Zwift One, their latest trainer in collaboration with Wahoo, will be available in Canada starting March 19th.

The Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One delivers near-universal compatibility with 8- to 12-speed bikes, thanks to the pre-installed Zwift Cog and Virtual Shifting via the included Zwift Click.

Wahoo Zwift One 2024

Thanks to the introduction of virtual shifting, the Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One means almost any 8- to 12-speed bike now has the potential to unlock the virtual world of Zwift. Riders can immerse themselves in Zwift’s virtual terrain, feeling every gradient change as they explore new roads and gain fitness while riding with a global community.

Wahoo Zwift One 2024

Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One is ready to ride from the box, making it easier than ever to get started on Zwift. Zwift Click and Cog allow users to change gears silently, and 24 virtual gears help cyclists conquer every climb in Zwift. Zwift’s Play controllers will be fully compatible with this trainer, in addition to the steering, braking, and game mechanics these controllers allow.

Wahoo Zwift One 2024

The Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One is now available to buy in Canada from Wahoo for $999, including one year of Zwift membership.

  • To learn more about KICKER CORE Zwift One you can visit www.zwift.com.

NEW Camelbak Podium VSS
We are pleased to announce that Camelbak is officially launching their new Podium Vacuum Insulated water bottle!
This new water bottle comes in two models: Podium Steel and Podium Titanium. They are the ultimate, ultra-lightweight bike bottles for cyclists who demand the best, combining innovative design with premium materials for a top-notch hydration experience.





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