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Video: Pez Looks at The OttoLock Bike Lock

Pez reviews the lightweight, strong & portable OttoLock bicycle lock from OttoDesignworks.com in Portland.

OTTOLOCK by OTTO Design Works
We first met the Otto Design Works crew from Portland when they debuted their very good gear tuning app OttoTune. I don’t know what’s in their water bottles, but they’re sprouting inventive genius faster than weeds grow in my lawn, and a one-trick pony they ain’t.

Then they introduced the OTTOLOCK – a lightweight (my 30inch tester weighs 151 grams), super strong, and super portable cinch lock that’s small enough to take on any ride because it fits into a jersey pocket, or straps onto your seatpost or frame with a simple stretchy rubber mount.

It’s made of several stainless steel bands, and kevlar band, and encased in a tough Santoprene plastic coating. The lock mechanism body is compact and made of “smash proof aluminum”. The lock itself features a 3 x 10 digit combination, and a locking mechanism that clamps down on small ridges  moulded into the strap, that seem impossible to pull apart when the lock is secured.

How strong is it? They had a neat test set up where anyone there could take a set of big-ass bolt cutters to it. There were a few indents where folks (including me) had tried and failed to sever the strap- but no one could cut through it.  I tried it from a bunch of different angles, and noticed that the slippery outer casing could not get caught at a right angle in the bolt cutters.  They’ve also done a bunch of cool videos where a series of guys a lot tougher than me attempt – and fail – to cut through the lock.


And it’s good for more than just bikes – offered in three sizes (18″, 30″, and 60″), which means you can use it to secure your bikes to a rack, or secure other stuff to anything else.

Maybe the best part is the price tag – $55 up to $75 – completely do-able for anyone wanting to buy some inexpensive insurance for their multi-thousand dollar ride.

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign last year that raised over $250,000, it was clear they had some serious interest. Production in the USA is underway and you can buy em online here.

• See more at OTTOLOCK.com



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